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What is a YP group?

A group of 8-12 believing brothers under age 40 - holding each other accountable, getting connected to the men that came before them, accelerating personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Monthly Meeting Format

Hour 3: Spiritual Growth

A time to dig into the Word together and pray together.

Hour 2: Professional Growth

Hear from a different Christian business leader each month on their top 5 business principles.

Hour 1: Personal Growth

Fellowship with one another, working and praying through different challenges that you are facing.

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Why Join A Group?


Be a part of a network of like-minded young Christian professionals.


Learn from seasoned executives, gain valuable mentors, and grow spiritually.


Live out your calling as Christ's ambassador in the marketplace. 

Do I belong in a YP group?

You're likely a good fit if you meet the following criteria:

  • You're a professional man under 40
  • You're a Christ-follower and have a desire to grow in your faith
  • You're dedicated to growing into the man that God has called you to be
  • You want to learn from wise Christian leaders and mentors
  • You have a desire to impact others in the marketplace for Christ

Interested in Leading A Group?

Are you an experienced business professional with a desire to pour into the younger generation? Click here to learn about the value of leading a YP group.

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Join the growing movement of Young Professionals. Currently in 25 cities, we are expanding quickly around the nation. CBMC Young Professionals is a part of the larger CBMC network, with over 10,000 members nationwide.

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